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[h3]Snorkel Belize[/h3]
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If you are looking to stimulate your sight with eccentric, colorful aquatic life, choose between the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley in Ambergris Caye; or Shark Ray Village and Coral Gardens in Caye Caulker
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[h3]Belize River Adventure[/h3]
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Have you ever wanted to meet real live Belizean mermaids or manatees, as they are more commonly known? Then join us for a half-day river adventure on the enticing Old Belize River, which begins just 10 minutes away from the…
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[h3]Belize Reef Fishing[/h3]
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The waters along the reef in Belize are home to an abundant array of fish, making for fertile fishing grounds. Whether you are fishing for sport or fishing for fun, let us take you to some of the best kept secret fishing spots along the reef.
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